DIANEL specializes in production and support of Electronic systems for gas (LPG) and petrol stations. Our aim is to offer you a flexible and functional solution for your business no matter if you sell only oil products or your petrol station have an adjoined shop. The systems offered by DIANEL are a guarantee for reliability and certainty of registering and reporting of oil products and other goods sales, control over the documents issued, for having information about the goods in stock.

Our products are worked out in a way to meet your requirements for a prompt custom service, a possibility for fast and easy way to issue the documents that go along with the sale (invoices and receipts). Getting our products you will have the demanded safety and the desired ease at the management of your business. DIANEL guarantees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service. Our technical experts will give you the required information, advice or service assistance.


DIANEL was established in 1999 by engineer Dian Tamahkyarow, who has had practical experience in supporting systems for petrol stations since 1997. The firm was called “Dianel-Dian Tamahkyarow” Sole Trader till 2002 and since 2002- its name is “Dianel” Ltd. In 2000 was legitimated ESFM “DIANEL” and in 2005- ESFM “DIANEL PLUS”. The first systems abroad were installed in 2004. Since the establishment of the company our team have been working to make our products better and increase the range of peripheral devices in order to offer you complete and easy-to-use solution for your petrol stations and adjoined shop.